Mint Now Tracks Home Values

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We know you’re more than the sum of your financial accounts and that’s why we’ve just made it possible for you to add your personal assets to your Mint account.


See everything you own

Mint now lets you add the property you own, the art you collect, the family heirlooms you’ve inherited, the jewelry you’ve received as gifts, and other valuables to your account. With all of your assets in, you’ll see your true net worth in a single place.

In the wake of the mortgage meltdown, it’s more important than ever to know the value of your home relative to other investments.

We’ve partnered with CyberHomes so you get an accurate estimate of the value of your home just by entering in an address. Just tell us how much your car, art, furnishings, jewelry and other personal property are worth and will do the rest.


Find more ways to save

With a more complete picture of your true net worth, Mint can find you even more ways to save. Now you can see how much you’d save over a three-year-period and take advantage of new, even more personalized offers. Now you can set the interest rate you’re looking for, specify which banks you’d consider, even select the types of rewards you’re interested in earning.

You’ve told us how much you like our Ways to Save feature so we’ve decided to share the love with people who haven’t signed up for a account. Just tell your friends to go to for a taste of how Mint can save them money.



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