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#MyMintBalance: Being Frugal While Still Having Fun

Updates #MyMintBalance: Being Frugal While Still Having Fun

*Alexa, play Cheap Thrills by Sia*

Now that Sia has got you inspired, we know it can be hard to unwind and enjoy yourself when it often involves dropping a lot of cash. In fact, 64% of Americans say money is a source of stress. This month, we challenged the Mint community to share how they relax and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. Here are some of the common themes we saw on how to find #MyMintBalance.

Spending Quality time > Spending $$

Spending Quality time > Spending $$

“I focus on self care & having fun with my family while STILL paying off over $20k in debt by spending quality time with my family! We have done some small road trips and staycations…it helps keep us on track & saving for fun.”Brittney, Indiana

“I escape stress without dipping into my wallet by spending time with my mom.  We have so much in common that our time together is always happy and effortless!” Denise, North Carolina 

“I love making homemade healthy delicious granola bars with my family. It saves us money and we enjoy them more because we made them together.” Nicki, New York


Finding balance in nature

Photo Credit: Melissa Joy, @Miss.Rover
Photo Credit: Melissa Joy, @Miss.Rover

“Student loan debt & living in one of America’s most expensive cities can make me feel like I’m barely treading water financially. Luckily I find balance by hiking local spots with friends! Its calming, fun and totally free!” Jasmine, Washington

“After a stressful day at the office, I don’t have to go very far to rejuvenate – we live close to the Hudson River where the sunsets are so beautiful! A walk along the river just melts the stress away.” – Regina, New York

“My tip is to get outside! The Botanical Gardens & Lincoln Park Zoo are two of my favorite places and they’re both free on most days!” Ashley, Illinois


Going on new adventures right outside your door

“I enjoy life by taking small road trips within 1-3 hrs away. It’s a crime not to take advantage of how different the scenery can be just a few hrs. drive, plus it’s easy & affordable! All you need is a car, snacks, and good company.” – Elizabeth, California

Going on new adventures right outside your door

“One thing I decided to do though was “travel” more! We decided to try and make our way around CA…very slowly. And to do this on a budget, we decided to camp! This idea came from us trying to spend a weekend in San Luis Obispo and hotels/air bnbs were so expensive! I just hated the idea that even a short weekend away would cost so much, so I decided to finally do some camping. This also lets us take out our dog, Yoshi, on more adventures!. I’m hoping the time outdoors and taking mini-vacations camping will clear my mind a bit more.” -Brenda K., California

“Nothing like getting off early and escaping to your local library! Books let you unwind and travel to the farthest reaches of the imagination, and it’s free!” – Nichole, North Carolina 


Channeling your inner Picasso

Canvas by Rae Khalifa
Canvas by Rae Khalifa

“Painting your own canvases to decorate the house saves money! Also DIY-ing instead of buying the ones at the store is  very therapeutic.” – Frablo, Michigan

“Our library has free passes to local museums so when we want to de-stress without spending a penny, this is what we do!“– Marie, Colorado

“I love unwinding from a stressful day with coloring! It’s a cheap and relaxing activity.” – Meg, Ohio


#MyMintBalance Sweepstakes WINNER:

#MyMintBalance: Being Frugal While Still Having Fun Sweepstakes Winner

“Swimming laps always relaxes me.” – Jen, Massachusetts 

Thank you to everyone who shared the different ways they achieve #MyMintBalance. We’d like to shout out our sweepstakes winner Jen and share how she’ll be using her prize money to live a more balanced life:

“I plan to put some of my prize money away in a “leisure fund” to use towards enjoying my favorite activities like swimming or day-trips to a local attraction. That way I can indulge or treat myself or my loved ones once in a while without breaking the bank and feeling guilty about it.”

We loved seeing all of the creative, inspiring stories from spending time with family to becoming one with nature. It’s a great reminder that practicing self-care doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. And it’s okay if it does – it’s all about balance. Make sure to keep sharing the little things that make you happy and let’s continue to support and encourage each other throughout our journey to financial freedom.


*To learn more about how the winner was selected, please see the official sweepstakes rules.

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