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You’ve told us you that you wanted a better way to track your cash spending and pending expenses such as checks. In fact, it was the #1 requested feature by users. We took the time to do it right, applying the kind of attention to detail and ease-of-use that you’ve come to expect.

To track manual transactions:

Just enter the amount of your cash transaction and the merchant name. will automatically deduct the amount from your most recent ATM withdrawal by default and, as with other transactions, categorize it, and apply it to your budget. For checks, you enter the check number and payee and the expenditure is automatically reconciled when the amount clears.

The new feature is flexible enough to apply to a number of different scenarios including tips, gifts, bonuses, owed money, or other income paid in cash or personal checks. Because cash, checks, and pending transactions are tied to your account, you’ll get more insight into your spending and saving. has long been known for its ability to provide you with insights into to your spending patterns and oversight over fees or other kinds of unusual expenses. With pending expenses listed at the top, you’ll avoid the tendency to overdraw from an account or exceed your credit limits.

The arrival of the new feature means users won’t have to reconcile against online or paper check statements. Nor will they be forced to split their ATM withdrawals in order to know where (all) their money goes.

To get you up-to-speed on this new feature, we’ve prepared a detailed How to article. Tell us how you like it!

And while we are addressing user requests. We are adding support for thousands of additional financial institutions and we’re about to give Android users a app to call their own.

Customers can offer input through the Facebook fan page, through Twitter, and directly within the product through a recent integration with GetSatisfaction that takes customer support and feedback to a whole new level.

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