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Understand Your Money Better with MintSights™

Updates MintSights on Android and iOS

We know you love Mint, and Mint loves you right back. That’s why we’ve brought a refreshed look and feel that features a sleek design, added benefits, and a simplified view of what’s important with your money.

This month, Mint is rolling out a new app experience for Android users, one that iOS users have been enjoying since the Fall. Featuring exclusive data-driven Mintsights™ to help existing (and new!) users effortlessly stay on top of their savings, expenses and budgets. The refreshed app will intelligently use all of your financial data to unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers and will be available to all Mint users in the coming months.

We heard from customers that they wanted to learn more about how to take their financial information and apply actionable steps to help them reach their goals.

Well, guess what? We listened and now Android MintSights, and soon to be iOS MintSights, will use machine learning technology to deliver predictive money-saving offers and actionable insights based on your personal financial history. This means you’ll see specific insights, recommendations and offers that will help you take your financial success to the next level.

We’re excited to introduce you to the new Mintsights™ feature – the tool will grow with you over time to help you save more money and find outstanding offers from our trusted partners. Mint is the only app that can help unlock powerful money insights and money-saving offers personalized to your unique situation at your fingertips. Seeing your profile in one place is helpful – receiving personalized insights and offers is even better!

Additionally, the updated design will reorganize your financial data, ultimately cutting down on steps you must take to find information and elevating the most important information for your finances.

Current Mint users will continue to enjoy existing features including bill tracking, budgeting, savings, investments, and checking your credit scores. First-time users will access the new features at or download the mobile app.

Now, let’s take the app for a spin!


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  1. Horrible design guys, very sorry to tell you. Please go back to the old design. This should be added as a view option in the menu. I can barely use the app now. I loved the mint app and I used it constantly it helped me so much in my finances. Charge if you want to but please go back to something that really could have a positive impact in people’s finances instead of what you have given us now.

  2. The new UI is bad. It took away the simplicity of the old app. Please listen to all the reviews of the new design. People hate it. Please roll back the design and if you really want this new stuff make it optional. Bring back the one page overview

  3. This change feels like a mask full of more advertisements. There was advertisements before that were compact, sleek, informative. The offers would overlap your existing CC’s like I have Bank X card and there is an offer for the same Bank X card. Mostly it was a great comparison setup for all possible credit cards being offered, which we know is how the app remains free. I could accept the presentation of the offers and would of used it to select my next card when I needed it.

    Now I’m just bombarded with offers for categories I haven’t activated. I have to click 3 to 4 times to actually access relevant details. My overview is closer to note cards or cue cards in design, making me miss the bird’s eye view. I can’t filter the categories, and I always have to make an extra step.

    There was issues before but this is now compounded. I suggest that you seriously consider the many reviews saying “charge us for a better UI or roll back the design”.

  4. Are you seeing all the bad reviews in the Google play store for the latest release of the app? It is a terrible update. Please roll back the update and get back to the drawing board if you want to make changes. This one was a flop

  5. Really unhappy with this new design. Please, please roll back to the old design. This is a barely functioning billboard without any of the information that is relevant to users. This has ADDED time it takes to locate information, the top bar of total money makes using this app in public uncomfortable, the AI feels too much like an ad fest. I would honestly pay to have an ad free app by you all. I have Google if I wanted credit card offers.

  6. I uninstalled the app because of this, you should also. It took a good design and threw it in the trash. It now takes 6x the swipes to find the same information, the first thing you see is a credit card ad instead of your information. The other problem is there is no way to control which accounts get summed into the final number reported, why would I want to see my auto loan in my monthly cash flow? This means I don’t know how much spending power I have.

  7. Am I the only one that hates this redesign? Everything used to be so easily accessible, now I have to scroll and swipe 5 times to find what I’m looking for.

  8. The new design is not at all good, its very disappointing. The new UI is cumbersome, ads every where. The Cash flow does not show the previous months. Classic example of how can you ruin a best app and make it worst. Hope you are reading these reviews. Put back the old design before you lose too many subscribers.

  9. Go back to the old design or at least give us an option to do so. I need to see INVESTMENTS separate from overall cash. Terrible design.

  10. New design is horrible! It takes forever to get to key information and you have to swipe past ads first. The simple, intuitive old design has been replaced with extra steps and no longer prioritizes reviewing your financial information. There isn’t even a way to customize it to view the last page first instead of having to swipe 5 times. Everything is also twice the size which isn’t very efficient when viewing it on your phone. The spending wheel doesn’t even work. It was much better when everything was consolidated on one page for a quick glance and then you could drill down into what you wanted versus having to go find it now and then it doesn’t even work properly! Whoever your UI designers are should be fired.

  11. Like many others have pointed out, the new design takes away from the key features that everyone liked about the App. A simple quickly accessible summary. It appears your product team has failed to find a way to balance the desires of your users with the revenue required to keep it alive. Personally, the new design was a such a large step backwards, that I simply removed the app from my phone, and went back to weekly logging in via the website. I use my bank and card apps instead, and they don’t bombard me with irrelevant advertisements. Put simply, the Mint App no longer does what I used it for. What was a simple, single interface for the relevant summary information has been replaced by multiple swipes with obtrusive, and largely irrelevant advertisements.

    Focus groups should have told you that you were on the wrong track. While I’m sure your team worked hard to revise and enhance the user experience, you clearly didn’t manage to balance the needs of your users with that of ad placement. Frankly, if your ad revenue is not adequate, I’d be concerned about the number of users like me that have simply dropped the app, and won’t generate any more ad revenue at all. I suspect the exodus will slow as people become more accustom to the new mint “ad” app. A real disappointment.

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