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Frequently asked questions

Billshark will contact a provider on the user’s behalf to negotiate their bill down, saving users a lot of time on the phone.

First, Billshark only charges for negotiations that are successful. For successful negotiations, users are charged 40% of the savings on that provider for the service period, up to 24 months. If savings last longer than that, there is no additional charge.


Old bill: $70 per month
New bill: $60 per month
Monthly savings: $10 per month
Savings over 24 months: $240

Billshark's share: $96 (40% of 24 month savings)

Mint also receives a fee from Billshark.**

Shortly after a bill negotiation is complete, Billshark will send you an invoice for the negotiation fee. This typically takes around 3 days, with payment due about 5 days after that.

You'll have a chance to change your payment method, or you can just use the card you provided when you requested the negotiation. If you use the same card, Billshark will charge you for the negotiation fee upfront on the invoice due date. The invoice will also give you the option to set up a payment plan if that is preferred (please note that there is a one-time charge of $9 to set up a payment plan).

Billshark is able to negotiate many bills (currently 34 providers), mostly internet, phone and cable services. Billshark does not negotiate utilities, insurance, credit card or medical bills at this time. For a current list of negotiable bills see the bottom of this page. If a user is unable to find one of their bills in the carousel on the Bills page, they can select “see all” to search a comprehensive list of negotiable bills.

Billshark asks for the minimum amount of information required by the service provider in order to complete a negotiation (which may be different, based on the service). The information that Billshark requests is used to verify the user’s account with the provider, solely for the purposes of the negotiation. Billshark will delete personal information when it is no longer needed for this purpose. Information you choose to share with Mint or Billshark will be handled securely and in accordance with each company's privacy statements.

Negotiable services

AT&T Wireless
AT&T Wireline
Atlantic Broadband
Bright House Networks
Cable One
Charter Spectrum
Comcast (Xfinity)
Frontier Communications
Grande Communications
Rise Broadband
Suddenlink Communications
Time Warner Cable
U.S. Cellular
Verizon Wireless
Wave Broadband

  • * As of June 2022, percentage of successful requests where Mint customers had active accounts, provided all necessary info, did not recently try to lower the same bill, did not have past due accounts, and accepted the savings and / or related changes to services

    ** Additional terms and conditions apply