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fresh way to

manage money

Reach your goals with personalized insights,
custom budgets, spend tracking, and
monitoring—all for free.

Simple to use, easy
to understand

Mint uses budget categories to help you track
your spending. Use default spending categories,
or rename and recategorize expense categories
to suit your needs. With Mint’s categorization
features, it’s easy to see spending totals across all
of your accounts.

Create budgets you
actually stick to

We calculate average spending by category, so you
can easily create a budget based on spending
patterns. See how much you’re spending on what,
year-to-year or

Get your
free credit score

Knowing where you stand can help you get
the things
you want. Get your free credit
score right in Mint,
no credit card required.

  • Budget planner

    Say goodbye to spreadsheets with customizable budgets. Easily add and update your categories.

  • Credit monitoring

    Get 24/7 access to your score for free. Plus, we’ll let you know of any important changes on your report.

  • Track your spending

    Stay on top of your finances by seeing where your money comes and goes.

Your finances, safe and secure

Keeping your data secure is a top priority. With multiple
safety measures, like secure 256-bit encryption and multi-factor
authentication, we protect your info like it's our own.

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What our customers are saying

“This app has helped me get my spending on track. I’ve been able to pay down a significant amount of debt and stay focused on my spending.” Grace N.

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