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Get a detailed look at salaries in your field and compare your pay to others in your demographic. Powered by TurboTax returns, exclusively on Mint.
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Salaries shown come from 2019 tax returns. Stay competitive and get the pay you deserve.
This experience provides anonymous and aggregated salary insights, based on data that TurboTax customers explicitly chose to share with us when they filed their tax returns.

Mint defines salary as the amount from Box 1 of your W-2. This does not include other benefits or income not subject to federal income tax.

This includes:
  • Total taxable wages
  • Tips
  • Prizes, bonuses and other compensation
  • Vested RSUs
  • Any taxable fringe benefits
  • Other taxable compensation (e.g., scholarships and fellowship grants)

This excludes:
  • Elective deferrals to retirement plans
  • Pretax benefits (e.g. FSA, HSA, child and dependent care benefits)
  • Payroll deductions
  • Income reported on other tax forms (e.g.1099, K1)
  • Allocated tips
  • Other income not subject to federal income tax

The average salary displayed for each occupation is the median of all salaries for TurboTax customers who self-reported that type of occupation on their tax return and chose to share that data with us when they filed.

These insights are based on anonymous and aggregated data that TurboTax customers chose to share with us when they filed their tax returns. While we have not independently verified the accuracy of that data, we use only information that was submitted in connection with tax preparation and that comes from accepted e-filed returns.

Today, Mint helps customers live their best financial lives by empowering them to make smart money decisions, including when it comes to saving, spending, and investing toward their future. It’s also about making more informed decisions, including decisions around how to earn. By providing access to better and more trusted salary data, we can put more power in customers’ hands to make smarter earning decisions so that they continue positive, forward progress toward their financial goals.

The insights we currently display come from W2s with annual income levels above federal minimum wage, and include only certain types of occupations. We hope to expand this offering with more aggregated insights over time.

No, this experience is based on anonymous and aggregated tax data that TurboTax customers chose to share with us when they filed their tax returns.

We help safeguard customer data and protect customer privacy through encryption and other practices described more in our Privacy Statement. Mint shows only anonymous and aggregated data using a minimum sample size.