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How often are my accounts updated in Mint?

SOLVEDBy Mint53Updated May 17, 2022

Most of your accounts in Mint should refresh automatically when you sign in. However, there are certain banks that let us update your financial data only once or twice per day.

You can check when your account was last updated in the mobile app like this:

  1. Open the app and sign in
  2. Select Expand under the graph
  3. Tap the circle logo next to the account you want to check
  4. You'll see the time of the last refresh and the next refresh

If one or more of your accounts haven't updated in over 24 hours:

  • There may be an error you need to fix. Go to the Overview screen to see if there's an error message next to your accounts
  • There may be an outage with your financial institution. You can check by typing the name of your bank or provider in the above search bar and searching for an article with outage info

If your account isn't experiencing an outage and isn’t connecting, try these fixes:

  • Update your username and password
    1. Open the Mint app, select Settings, and then select Accounts. Or, if you're signed in on the web, select Settings from the left menu
    2. Select the name of the account that isn't refreshing or the nearby gear icon, then select Edit Login
    3. Enter your sign in info for that provider
    4. Select Save & connect
  • Check that your account isn't hidden or inactive

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